Wrapping Things Up… With These Amazing Freebie Printable Gift Tags!



Okay, so I can be a bit of a procrastinator at times.  I tell myself I just like to live on the edge :-).  So when it comes to Christmas, I am never one who has my shopping done months in advance.  If I am finished one or two weeks before the holiday, I count that as a success.  Wrapping the gifts, however?  Yup, I’m definitely a procrastinator.  Guilty as charged.  I must say, though, that I quite enjoy wrapping gifts the week of Christmas…. There’s just nothing like wrapping gifts with holiday music on in the background, the fireplace crackling, sipping a cup of hot chocolate, and knowing Christmas is just a few days away to make me feel the spirit of the season.  However, it is my predictable mad dash to the store to sort through the picked over wrapping paper, just before the week of Christmas, that often leaves me in a state of panic that no in-store Starbucks non-fat vanilla latte can calm.  Well, this year was no different.  So where does a girl go when she is looking for something easy and convenient, something stylish, something affordable, and a vanilla latte..? Target, of course.



While in Target on this years’ trip, I decided to go with a rustic-sparkly type of theme, with basic brown butcher-style paper being my primary paper ($5.99). I love doing this, as you can use it throughout the year, which is much more wallet-friendly, and the ribbon or bow can be easily changed to alter the style as needed. Because I knew I had no ribbon at home, I splurged a bit and found a fabulous box of 6 silver and gold textured wire ribbons ($15.99).  I then added a 3-pack of foil paper for accent purposes ($6.99), gold/silver/white tissue paper ($3.99), six brown bags with metallic chevron and dot prints ($1.99/bag), and one roll of twine ($2.99).  I managed to pick up these great items for under $50 – not to mention I found an in-store text coupon code for $10 off a holiday purchase, making the wrapping even more affordable. Finally, and my favorite part, I came across these adorable (freebie!) printable gift tags by Geneva of A Pair and A Spare here ( visit her fabulous blog at www.apairandasparediy.com)!  I thought these would add a perfect finishing touch to each of the gifts.  Despite waiting until the last minute, I must say that I like the overall effect… at last, I think I am wrapping things up.


What theme or style did you use to wrap your gifts this year?  Do you have any last-minute (or not) gift-wrapping tips or ideas you could share?  I would love to hear from you!

Wishing you a blessed day,




  • Sarah

    Super cute! Love this simple, yet chic look! We did something very similar and couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Bonus: found similar supplies for around $35 at Walmart! A fun addition to some of my presents this year were frankincense and myrrh Zum Wood balls from Earth Turns. Placed in a small decorative bag, they make a great addition to your bow presentation and they smell AMAZING! They last for months and are great in a car, drawers, and closets!

    • Heather Johnson

      Thank you so much for your comment, Sarah, and for sharing your great finds! I am so glad you were happy with your outcome! Thank you for checking out my blog post – I appreciate your support! XO,