Fall Moments With Baby: Featuring Mud Pie Market

Today I am talking about savoring fall moments with my little guy; our plans for some upcoming fall family activities; and I am sharing a bit of budget-friendly fall style for baby and mom, featuring Mud Pie Market.  I am really excited to introduce you to this Mud Pie owned company, where you can get in-season Mud Pie clothing, accessories, and home items for 25-80% off!  Serious score, right?!  Read on for all the details... and scroll for the cutest photos ;-)! Read More

What's In My Diaper Bag

It’s A Boy! Colton’s Birth Story

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you already know that we welcomed Colton Robert to our family two months ago!  Obviously it has been a while since I last posted here on "Le Blog." Becoming a new mom has definitely been an adjustment, and it has taken me a while to establish a schedule with my new little guy.  Prior to Colton's arrival, I did a lot of planning and preparation, and I expected all of the "usual" challenges such as sleep deprivation, schedule changes, not being able to just go somewhere on a whim, etc. However, there have been several things I did not see coming...   Read More

Bumpday Life and Style: A Big Announcement!

Happy Wednesday everyone!  If you are on Instagram (if you are not you should be!), you may have seen one of my most recent posts regarding a big announcement and one I have been dying to share here on the blog... my husband Brandon and I are expecting our first child!!!  We are absolutely thrilled and feel so very blessed, as this is truly a miracle.  To celebrate and bring you along on this journey, I am starting a new blog series called "Bumpday Life and Style," which will go live every Wednesday (humpday = bumpday ;-)).  This is not only to share God's grace and goodness in our lives, our new life adventure as parents-to-be, and a little "bumpstyle" along the way; but also to share a message of hope... and that miracles can happen.  So, I thought it would be appropriate to kick off this series with our story.  This one will be a bit deeper than most of my posts in this series, but I want to share our journey from our struggles with infertility to how God answered our prayers... along with some words of encouragement! Read More

Three Tips For Planning A Staycation + A Staycation Inspired Look

Summer isn't over 'till it's over, right?  So let's take advantage of the warm weather we have left!  Read on for some fun ideas for planning a staycation for the end of the summer, along with a staycation-inspired look, featuring this $12 top (which, by the way, will also work great in the fall under a blazer or leather jacket!)  I hope you enjoy! Read More

Ways To Find More Courage

A Letter To My 14-Year-Old Self

This weekend I celebrated my 41st birthday.  Yup, I am officially "in" my 40's.  It comes as a bit of a shock because I only realized about two years ago that I was actually an adult.  Now I am supposed to embrace the fact that I am mid-aged?!?  I think this is a lofty expectation when it applies to age, don't you agree?  Well, before my AARP card shows up, I thought it might be time to take heed of my last few decades of life (or works of art, as I like to think of them, he he), and write a letter from my 41-year-old self to my 14-year-old self.  Okay, okay, this is a bullet list more than a traditional letter, but I like lists and because I am the adult here, I get to call the shots. Read More

Grit and Virtue

Getting a little personal on the blog today, talking about feeling challenged by some personal circumstances and professional decisions, finding my footing, and sharing some encouragement from Grit and Virtue - one of my favorite inspirational blogs.  You won't want to miss out on what they have to say... Read More

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