Postpartum Health and Fitness Journey: How I Got Back to My Pre-Pregnancy Body Weight and Fitness Level

I am quickly learning that there are SO many wonderful things about motherhood.  But let’s be real – it isn’t perfect, there are always challenges, and “new” motherhood is a big adjustment in every way; and I'm only six months in (eek!)! From a health and physical fitness standpoint, I have found that getting to the point where I feel like myself again has been harder than I anticipated.  In my conversations with other (new and experienced) moms, it seems that this is a common (valid) feeling and concern.  Add to that crazy hormones ;-), and it can really impact confidence and body image. With this in mind, I thought I would share my general health and fitness routine which has finally helped me feel like "me" again, including how I got back to my pre-pregnancy body weight and fitness level. There have been many ups, downs, challenges, and things that went south (literally and figuratively, ha ha), and I am opening up about that as well. Read More

Healthy Pregnancy: A Delicious Pregnancy Green Smoothie

Today I am sharing a 37-week bumpdate, talking about having a healthy pregnancy, and sharing a pregnancy green smoothie recipe that has been key for my pregnancy diet!  Not to mention, this recipe is great for everyone... not just those with a bun in the oven!  Read on for more... Read More

Fromm Beauty 1907 Hair Styling Tool Review: Why I Have Officially Converted

A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of being introduced to the Fromm Beauty 1907 line of hair styling tools.  This included the 1907 hair dryer and a range of three different hair styling brushes.  Let's face it, great hair styling tools - especially a good hair dryer - truly make ALL the difference in terms of the outcome and time spent.  However, they can also be an investment, and the last thing I want to do is lead you astray with a hasty or inexperienced opinion.  Well, I have spent the last two months using these products regularly; and I must tell you my friends, I LOVE these tools.  One could say I have officially converted over to Fromm, and my hair couldn't be happier.  Read on to learn why - you won't want to miss this! Read More

Morning Workouts With Albion Fit + Gift Card Giveaway

Today I am beyond excited to share my experiences with Albion Fit, an amazing company that designs absolutely gorgeous fitness, leisure, and swim apparel!  Not only are their designs and prints stunning, their mission is to provide women of all fitness levels with luxurious, versatile pieces that are hassle-free, and fit beautifully.  From fashion to function, it is clear that Albion apparel is designed for women, by women;  and the family-owned nature of their company allows them to focus on craftsmanship and quality.  Let's be honest - that is a rare thing these days, right?!  I am telling you, this company is incredible... definitely read on to learn more about Albion Fit and my experiences with their designs, receive a 15% discount code, AND for a chance to enter a $50 gift card giveaway so you can snag an Albion piece for yourself!  Whew... I know that is a lot, but you won't want to miss it :). Read More

Six Simple Food Swaps For Healthier Summer Eating

Summer is almost here, which means the season of fun summer cookouts and social gatherings is upon us.  If you are like me, it can be so tempting to indulge in all of those delicious summer foods, but doing so can wreck havoc on the waistline.  The good news is, you can make a few simple food swaps for healthier summer eating, all of which are as good for you as they are satisfying and delicious! Read More

Irresistible Me Diamond Flat Iron Review

I was recently given the chance to try out Irresistible Me's highly-rated Diamond Flat Iron!  I wanted to share my impressions of this hair styling tool and if the diamond-particle + tourmaline covered plates (a "one pass" technology that is said to straighten hair on the first try and minimize heat damage) lived up to the hype!  Read on for the scoop... Read More

Five Easy Tips For Slimming Down This Spring

Well, spring is here and summer is just around the corner, which means that many of us are beginning to think about slimming down as we begin to shed layers of clothing.  Because it can be overwhelming to think of doing a complete overhaul of your exercise or dietary regimen, I thought I would share five easy tips for slimming down that anyone can do!  Even better news?  All of these tips are relatively painless!  Read on for more, and if you want more workout-specific tips, check out a previous post HERE... Enjoy! Read More

Easy Tips For Going Straight From Workout To Errands In Style

Do you ever find yourself having errands to run immediately following a workout, without time to go home and get ready?  As a personal trainer, I find myself going straight from workout to errands on a regular basis; however, my usual workout attire of cropped tights and a slim fitting athletic tank is hardly appropriate for any stop along the way, which not only leaves me feeling less-than-put-together but also mildly inappropriate :).  I can only assume that many of you have found yourselves in the same situation, so I thought I would share a few easy tips for going straight from workout to errands in style!  So here goes... Read More

Juice Beauty Review

Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are having a great start to the week!  I wanted to kick off this week by sharing with you one of my new favorite products - and one that is officially on permanent rotation in the beauty routine.  I was introduced to a newer skin care line called Juice Beauty a little over one month ago; I have been using it on a regular basis and wanted to give an honest review of the product and share my experiences with you. This includes one specific product in the line that I truly now swear by.  After all, with visible results and comments from others about how smooth my skin looks, what is not to love?!?  Read on for all the details... Read More

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