Mom and Baby Time With Seraphine Nursing Shawls

Happy first day of May!  Today I am sharing a brief motherhood update; how fast my little Colton is growing; and my take on nursing in public, featuring Seraphine Nursing Shawls! Read on for more…

Seraphine Nursing Shawls

I cannot believe my sweet boy is 10 weeks old tomorrow!  Time really does fly and as I look back at photos I have snapped, he has changed so much already.  At his two-month wellness check, he was nearly 11 pounds and had grown about four inches!  He is finally “on the charts” in length!  Poor kid may have inherited my short genetics, lol.  Now that he is getting a little bit older and has had his first round of immunizations, it is really nice to get out and about with him more regularly.  A more consistent and predictable feeding schedule (usually!) has definitely helped as well.  Now we just need this Midwest weather to cooperate a bit more!

I love introducing Colton to new experiences by taking him along with me when I head out for the day; but as a novice mama, I must admit that I feel apprehensive about nursing my little guy in public.  It is not that I am uncomfortable with my decision to nurse him, and it is obviously the most natural way to feed a little one; but let’s face it, while people’s views have come a long way in recent years, in some situations there still seems to be a bit of a stigma attached to it.  I do want to be discreet and not stick out (no pun intended, ha ha) like a sore thumb; yet I still want to feel “normal” and confident about my decision when I am in social situations.  Do you other mamas out there feel the same?

With that said, I am always on the hunt for stylish and functional nursing covers to use in social situations, and the beautiful Seraphine Nursing Shawls really fit the bill… so I want to share them with you in case you are looking for the same!  Their shawls are stylish enough to be worn when not nursing and are large enough to cover… well, everything ;-).   They also can be worn as a scarf or used as a car seat cover (scroll down to see photos).  Mamas gotta love multi-functionality, right?!  As a fashion-lover, I also also appreciate their attention to detail with their beautiful lightweight knit fabric, asymmetrical hem and gorgeous shoulder snaps.  What’s not to love?!

Feel free to shop the entire selection of Seraphine Nursing Shawls HERE, and you can shop my exact Nautical Nursing shawl HERE.  I also want to mention that they have beautiful maternity clothing, so if you are interested, be sure to check out their maternity line here.

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